Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us directly for all
orders and inquiries.
+1 (917) 261 6470

How do I place an order?

Please contact us directly for all orders/inquiries. Our email address is and our phone number is (917) 261 6470.

Do you offer a trade discount?

Yes. We offer trade discounts to architects and interior designers. A tax identification number or resale certificate is required to obtain trade pricing.

Custom orders

We offer customization within our line of furniture and lighting. Quotes for custom inquiries can take 1-3 business days, and are subject to up-charges based on size, configuration, finish and additional labor.

Lead times

Lead times vary depending on the product, and are generally between 6-16 weeks. Rush orders can often be accommodated for an additional fee. Lead times begin with receipt of deposit and finalization of order details. Products ship after balance is paid in full.


Konekt uses natural materials such as stone, parchment, wood, horse hair and leather, which have unique characteristics and may vary from what is represented in our images or physical samples.

Variations can occur in our hand-applied or plated finishes. Some of our metals are lacquered, these lacquered metals will not change in appearance over time. Un-lacquered metals will develop a patina over time. Oxygen, water, oils and fingerprints will cause natural changes in the coloration of un-lacquered metal surfaces.


We can provide a limited quantity of samples upon request. Please keep in mind that our samples only represent a small surface area of the finish/material. Natural materials have unique characteristics and may vary from our physical samples.


Damages must be documented and reported within 48 hours of receipt. We cannot be held responsible for damages reported after the 48 hour window. In the case that damage has occurred in shipping, packaging must be retained in order for the claim to be successfully processed.

Do you offer a warranty?

Konekt offers a one-year warranty against mechanical defects from the delivery date. Konekt will repair or replace defective component/product. We cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • damage caused by improper care or cleaning solutions
  • changes or patina to the surface of un-lacquered metals
  • damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environmental conditions
  • damage caused by improper assembly, installation or mishandling
  • damage caused by typical wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches, dents or stains

Return policy

Due to the custom, made-to-order nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns.

How do I clean my furniture and surfaces?

Brass & Bronze
Polished brass and polished bronze are un-lacquered, unless otherwise requested, in order to allow a natural patina to develop over time. Un-lacquered polished brass/bronze surfaces can be re-polished using a polishing cream (such as Flitz) with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use polisher or cleaning chemicals on any satin brass/bronze, blackened brass/bronze or patinated brass/bronze finishes. To clean, dust gently with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Blackened Steel and Plated Steel
Our blackened steel and plated steel products are lacquered to prevent rust. Lacquered surfaces are durable but should be treated with care as it is possible to chip, crack, or scratch the protective coating. Do not use any chemical cleaners, abrasives, or polishing compounds as this could affect the appearance of the finish. To clean, dust gently with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel will not patina or rust. To clean, gently dust with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Refrain from using abrasive liquids, cleaners or polishers as they may alter the appearance.

To clean, use a damp, soft and non-abrasive cloth with water and mild soap if needed. Dry with a clean, soft cloth to remove all moisture. Any liquids spilled should be cleaned up and dried immediately. Do not use chemical cleaners. Do not place hot items directly on wood.

High Polish Polyurethane
To clean, use a damp, soft and non-abrasive cloth. A mild soap can be used if needed. Dry with a clean, soft cloth to remove all moisture or soap residue. Do not use any waxes or products with ammonia.

Parchment is an untanned animal hide. For maintenance, occasionally wipe down the parchment with a dry, soft cloth. If it needs to be cleaned, wipe carefully with a slightly damp, soft cloth and then dry completely with a clean, soft cloth. Parchment is a natural material that breathes and may darken over time.

Glass can be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Spray glass cleaner onto a soft, non-abrasive cloth and apply to glass, avoiding metal or other components of product.

Our marble surfaces are sealed, however if treated improperly marble can be stained or scratched. Spills should be wiped up immediately. To clean, use a neutral stone cleaner or a mild detergent with warm water. For increased protection, reseal stone table top every 1-2 years.

We use an English bridle leather which can be dusted with a soft cloth or dusting feather. Avoid saturating the leather with moisture as it could lead to discoloration or staining.